You can only unlock the doors to the parlor by flawlessly repeating the intro to ‘Looks that Kill.’ (Photos by Scott Harrison | Retna)

Motley Crue’s 2000 album New Tattoo may not have been as commercially successful as previous Crue records, but it did a better job of pointing out Vince Neil’s non-Crue business ventures than, say, Theater of Pain. Unless and until he opens up a S&M performance art house, we suppose.

Neil, along with business partner Danny “Count” Koker, opened up a second Vince Neil Ink location, marking its grand entrance onto the needles-on-skin scene Saturday night with a blazing, five-song set from Neil right on the casino floor. We don’t ever remember seeing multi-platinum singers blast window-rattling hard rock right in the middle of a casino floor during prime weekend gambling hours before, but it certainly got the crowd’s attention. Someone should keep that in mind the next time Sebastian Bach is in town (possibly to open a leather pants boutique).

Neil ran through “Livewire,” “Dr. Feelgood,” “Same Ol’ Situation,” “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Wild Side” while Motley stand-ins, the Vince Neil Band, provided the backing music. Though the guitars and bass were solid representations of Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx, we’ve got to give it up for the drummer who was halfway between Tommy Lee and Animal from the Muppets. He tried — and failed spectacularly — to play the cymbal with his stool. What it lacked in musicality it more than made up for in hilarity.

After the show, Neil and company went up to the tattoo shop for a private party before the 11 p.m. grand opening of the parlor, festooned with motorcycles from Count’s Customs.

“I’m stoked. I’m so happy about what’s going on here tonight. I couldn’t proud of this place. I coldn’t be more proud of the people in this place,” Koker said. “These guys who were all on the original show Inked on A&E. My boys at the shop, if you look around, everything here is custom built. We made it at the shop, brought it down and had it installed.”

With another location already at O’Sheas and Feelgood’s on West Sahara, Neil is carving out his own little empire. We were pretty sure between all of that and Sammy Hagar opening his second restaurant in town in the near future that we were headed for a day when all local business would be run by former ’80s glam metal guys.

Neil shot us down pretty quick, though. Just when we thought we were onto something with a Kip Winger Shredded Tank Top Emporium.

“I don’t think you’ll see Kip opening anything, but you’ll see more stuff with us. We have all this stuff going on. I have an airplane company, Vince Neil Aviation. I’m flaming a bunch of my jets with leopard-skin interior. Do you want to ride on a typical white jet, or do you want to ride on something flamed that’s actually my plane?” he said. “I have a couple other projects going on with the Rio that we’ll probably announce in the next few months. So that should be pretty exciting. And who knows from there?”

“From there” also includes a new recording studio, Desert Moon. Aside from those future projects, though, Neil said the Rio shop is going to have a different vibe than the O’Sheas venue.

“It’s kind of two different animals. That one really relies on all the foot traffic on the Strip. You get so many people, you don’t have to advertise. It’s just people walk by and they go ‘Aw, shit, it’s Vince Neil Ink. Let’s get a tattoo.’ This is off the Strip so it’s more of a destination,” Neil said. “It’s bigger, obviously. It’s a lot more elaborate. It’s a nicer place. We want people to talk about it and say ‘Holy shit, have you been to that place?’ ”

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