TapouT brand t-shirts – not just for MMA fans anymore


Look at this picture, does anything about it strike you as weird? Yes, that’s King from the Tekken series (fyi outside of being a club head im quite the game nerd) wearing a TapouT brand shirt. And no, the picture was not a fake.

TapouT announced today that it is partnering up with Namco to release 5 special shirts that will also appear in the Tekken 6 video game due out later this year in an effort to appeal to a broader audience. TapouT is known for thinking differently, as they were heavily invested in the growth of Mixed Martial Arts before it was the popular sport we know and love today. And, on the heels of the Evolution fighting game tournament and several major releases in that genre this year, tapout is making a very smart move to branch out.

You can already buy some of the shirts at the TapouT store.

But for now lets look at some more pictures of the shirts in action. First is Tekken’s resident Vale Tudo expert Craig Marduk:

capture_araki_0055And this isnt just for the dudes, as Xiaoyu shows us how the ladies wear TapouT

tap_xao_stand01I am…. intrigued, because in NYC a lot of people consider TapouT and Affliction brand tshirts to be the mark of the douchebag.

Here is the original post: Celebrity Clubber

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