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One of the main reasons that attract visitors to the city of Pattaya is its go-go bars. Though prostitution is illegal in Thailand still it is practiced in some areas. Go-go bars are situated in abundance in Pattaya. In Walking Street you will find many of them. Some are present in Beach Road while a few are present in Jomtien beach as well. The ambience in go-go bars is very stress-free and undisturbed.
Go-go bar girls are very comfortable and fun loving. While visiting Pattayafor the first time just go in a bar and sit quietly. You can watch sports on TV or can see some live dances. You will be served a chilled beer when some girls will attend you. Most of the bars offer free entry for the visitors. Pretty girls will accompany you but beware of the touts.
In small go-go bars there are generally ten girls working whereas a larger one can accommodate not less than fifty girls. In ‘Amazon’ in Walking Street you will find eastern European and also some Russian girls. So don’t worry if you are not comfortable seeing Thai faces. Just go for other options. Go-go bars are the place where you can see some semi naked dances.

As a matter of fact there is as such no limitation in a go-go bar. People can go to any extent. Expensive drinks, raucous music and girls are common features of a go go bar. In Pattaya you will find 75 percent male tourist are single. The charges of go-go girls varies from 500 to 1000 baht for a short time which is less than an hour. A room can also be rented at 100 to 200 baht. A girl can also be hired for three to four days in that case the bar reception will insist her to deposit the ID card there.

In walking street there are not less than twelve go go bars. Among them Shark Agogo, Heaven Above, Diamond Agogo, Naughty Girls are worth mentionable. Some of the others are Kitten Club, Classroom One, Chrystal girls, etc.

In Pattaya you can also choose your option from road. But you should be enough cautious when dealing with a Thai girl.

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