Cast of The Hills makes way too much money


Yes, I constantly make fun of celebrities. Yes, we all know that the stars get paid waay too much. But I just got a hold of an article that describes how much the stars of the Hills are making per episode. And it is simply astonishing. As a person that has graduated from a school that specializes in science and engineering, it’s sickening to see these shallow, vapid (or, when you think about it, brilliant) people making loads more money than the people that are just sheer geniuses, that are working on curing diseases, making everyday life easier, enriching the world. Here are the figures (thanks to thedailybeast for the numbers )

  • Kristin Cavallari – $90,000 per episode
  • Lauren Conrad $125,000 per episode
  • Audrina Patridge, Lauren Bosworth, Heidi Montag – $100, 000 per episode
  • Spencer Pratt – $65,000 per episode
  • Brody Jenner – $45, 000 per episode

TheDailybeast also figures in other factors – promotional appearances, which can net a person about $30,000 for about two hours worth of showing up. And remember that Playboy issue with Heidi Montag where she wasn’t even courteous enough to get nude? That got her $375,000 in royalties. And that’s WITH the fact that the show’s ratings have been declining.

Now, let’s compare that to the top jobs, by major, for new college grads (thanks to an article on


That’s per year folks. The best and brightest kids that America has to offer, our new generation of  leaders in science and engineering (and all roughly the same age ass the hills cast), make less in a YEAR than these people do per episode.

Now, what to do…

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