A serious system upgrade to Brew Magic

I haven’t been this excited about a new toy since I got one of those little cars with a motor in it for Christmas when I was 8. Last week, we placed an order for the Big Poppa of all brewing systems – SABCO’s Brew Magic.

Brew Magic

There are so many incredible features of this system that will give us greater consistency and predictability to our brewing:

– Ability to recirculate the mash through an electronic heat exchanger.

– Pump = no lifting. Good for Joel’s arthritis.

– Sight tubes means I can calculate an accurate boil loss. Not that anyone other than me will care.

– Touchscreen electronic controls with the ability to track time and temperature, call out hop additions and transfers, and even recreate a previous session.

– All stainless steel tubing and kettles with tri-clamp fittings.

This beauty should be arriving in late July or early August. In the meantime, expect more doting, drooling and anticipation.

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